Indian women have evolved with time and achieved many things. Yet, their love for the traditional saree has remained the same. In fact, stating that it has increased, will not be wrong.

Today, not only Indian but foreigners are also very fascinated by sarees and try them at least once. Credit goes to our

creative designers saree manufacturers for always bringing a fresh style of saree that everyone wants to own.

Here are some trending saree types that were the highlights of the year and will be ruling 2023 as well

Stitched saree

You can wear it just like a regular lehenga without worrying about pleats and pallu. It is a stitched saree that is easy to wear and easy to carry. If you are a person who gets uncomfortable in a saree then this is for you. It not just gives an effect of a saree but also feels comfortable. It also saves your time and can be worn within 2 minutes. There are many designs and patterns available in this saree type from which you can choose.

Denim Saree

The concept actually came from a TV show and now every girl wants to have at least one denim saree. Denim sarees can be worn for casual events and parties to create a fusion look.

Dual shade Saree

It is also called “Doop-Chhaon” or “Maya” saree in some parts of the country. It is better to wear this saree in bright light. That is when it actually solves the purpose of dual shades. The colour of the saree changes when light reflects and gives an effect of dual colour shades. This is perfect for a cocktail or a reception party.

Reversible saree

This is the most creative style one can ever imagine. You can wear it in different ways and it will look new every time. It has two colours and can be styled differently to have a new type of pallu. Reversible sarees are available in different fabrics and patterns. You can wear it for different occasions depending on how heavy or simple your saree is. 

Saree with pockets

Finally, someone thought of putting pockets in women’s clothes. This is very useful to keep phones and keys. These sarees come with pockets in the pleats area which is not so visible to people. Now, you do not have to ask your husband or friends to keep your belonging when you are flaunting a saree. It is a credibility of plain saree manufacturers for this creative concept

Traditional sarees

Do you remember the soft cotton sarees our grandmothers used to wear? Well, they are back in fashion with a little improvisation. Tassels have been added to the pallu border which looks beautiful. You can wear oxidized jewellery with this type of saree to enhance the overall look.

All these sarees are easily available in the local markets. You can also order these sarees from an online clothing store to save time and energy. Available in every price range, you can buy a saree according to your budget or preference.